The match schedule for the event will be released in different phases that will correspond with the release of tickets for the event. Photo: Johannes Rousseau

Phase 1: Play-offs and final weekend in April 2021

Phase 2: Full Match Schedule. Published in June 2021.

You can download the match schedule as pdf here.

27th of Nov
2021-11-2712:00SingaporeEstoniaDIFU B
2021-11-2714:00USADenmarkCIFU A
2021-11-2715:00NFFRNorwayDIFU B
2021-11-2716:45Opening ceremony
2021-11-2717:00SwedenSlovakiaBIFU A
2021-11-2719:00GermanyFinlandBIFU B
2021-11-2719:30Czech RepublicSwitzerlandAIFU A
28th of Nov
2021-11-2810:00PolandLatviaAIFU A
2021-11-2812:00JapanAustraliaCIFU B
2021-11-2812:45EstoniaNorwayDIFU A
2021-11-2815:00SingaporeNFFRDIFU B
2021-11-2815:30SwedenGermanyBIFU A
2021-11-2818:15SlovakiaFinlandBIFU A
29th of Nov
2021-11-2912:00USAJapanCIFU B
2021-11-2913:00SlovakiaGermanyBIFU A
2021-11-2915:00DenmarkAustraliaCIFU B
2021-11-2916:00SwitzerlandLatviaAIFU A
2021-11-2918:00NorwaySingaporeDIFU B
2021-11-2919:00Czech RepublicPolandAIFU A
30th of Nov
2021-11-3012:00AustraliaUSACIFU B
2021-11-3013:00LatviaCzech RepublicAIFU A
2021-11-3015:00DenmarkJapanCIFU C
2021-11-3017:05FinlandSwedenBIFU A
2021-11-3018:00EstoniaNFFRDIFU B
2021-11-3019:45SwitzerlandPolandAIFU A
1st of Dec
2021-12-0110:004th grp A1st grp DPO3IFU A
2021-12-0112:003rd grp D4th grp C13-16:1IFU B
2021-12-0113:004th grp B1st grp CPO4IFU A
2021-12-0115:003rd grp C4th grp D13-16:2IFU B
2021-12-0116:003rd grp B2nd grp CPO2IFU A
2021-12-0119:003rd grp A2nd grp DPO1IFU A
2nd of Dec
2021-12-0209:15Loser 13-16:1Loser 13-16:215thIFU A
2021-12-0212:00Loser PO2Loser PO39-12:1IFU B
2021-12-0212:15Winner 13-16:1Winner 13-16:213thIFU A
2021-12-0215:00Loser PO1Loser PO49-12:2IFU B
2021-12-0215:15**2nd grp BWinner PO2Q4IFU A
2021-12-0218:00*1st grp BWinner PO4Q2IFU A
3rd of Dec
2021-12-0310:00Loser 9-12:1Loser 9-12:211thIFU A
2021-12-0313:00Winner 9-12:1Winner 9-12:29thIFU A
2021-12-0316:00***1st grp AWinner PO3Q1IFU A
2021-12-0319:00****2nd grp AWinner PO2Q3IFU A
4th of Dec
2021-12-0411:30Loser Q2Loser Q35-8:2IFU B
2021-12-0412:00Loser Q1Loser Q45-8:1IFU A
2021-12-0415:45*Winner Q2Winner Q3Semi 1IFU A
2021-12-0419:45**Winner Q1Winner Q4Semi 2IFU A
5th of Dec
2021-12-0510:00Winner 5-8:1Winner 5-8:25th placeIFU A
2021-12-0510:30Loser 5-8:1Loser 5-8:27th placeIFU B
2021-12-0513:00Loser SemiLoser Semi3rd placeIFU A
2021-12-0516:30Winner SemiWinner SemiFinalIFU A

*/ Sweden to play if directly qualified
**/ Finland to play if driectly qualified
***/ Czech Republic to play if directly qualified
****/ Switzerland to play if directly qualified

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