The 13th Women’s World Floorball Championships will be played in Uppsala, Sweden from 27th November – 5th December 2021 at IFU Arena. 

Qualifications were scheduled to be played in early 2021, however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic had to be cancelled. Qualifying teams were decided according to regional quotas and ranking. Sweden, as the host country, received direct qualification.

The final round will be played with 16 teams divided into 4 groups based on ranking and ballot draw. In the group stage each team plays each other once, while the second stage of the event includes play-offs and placement matches. The two best teams of group A and B go directly to the quarter-final. Teams placed 3rd and 4th in group A and B and the teams placed 1st and 2nd in group C and D make it to the first playoff round (played before the quarter-finals).

The group ballot was held on 22nd May and the teams were divided into the four groups as shown below. You can watch the replay of the ballot here


Switzerland (2)
Sweden (1) Denmark (10)Norway (9)

Czech Republic (4)Finland (3)Thailand (15)*Estonia (11)
Poland (6)
Slovakia (5)Italy (21)*Singapore (14)
Latvia (7)Germany (8)USA (16)NFFR (17)
*Thailand and Italy replace Australia & Japan who are unable to participate due to Covid-19 travel restrictions