Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about the ticketing of the Women’s World Floorball Championships in Uppsala 2021.


What happens with my tickets if the event is postponed due to covid-19?

If the event is postponed, your ticket will be valid for the same day and for the same seat for the new dates. If you wish to repurchase your ticket, please contact

Where do I buy tickets?
You buy tickets at

Can I buy tickets directly at IFU Arena?
Yes. As long as available, tickets can be bought at IFU Arena. Only cards are accepted NO CASH.

Can I use cash in IFU Arena?
NO. IFU Arena is cash-free. Only credit cards/bankcards are accepted.

I have a Day pass ticket, for what times are my ticket valid?
For weekdays, day pass tickets are valid for matches that starts 13:00 or earlier. Weekend Daypasses are valid the whole day. There is free entrance to the B-venue the whole tournament. 

I have an Evening ticket, for what times are my ticket valid?
Evening tickets are valid for all matches that starts 16:00 or later. There is free entrance to the B-venue during the whole tournament.

Where do I find information about hospitality tickets?
Please go to here, for more information about hospitality tickets. To buy your ticket, go to


I am planning to come to the WFC with a small child. Does he/she need a ticket?
Children younger than 4 years do not need a ticket, but they have to sit on an adult’s lap. They don´t have their own seat unless a ticket is purchased for them.

Do young children have free entrance to the arena?
Yes, Children younger than 4 years have free entrance.

Can I bring a stroller into the arena?
Yes, it should be placed so it is not in the way for other guests.


I’m a wheelchair user. How can I buy my ticket?
Please contact

Are discounts available for persons with severe health disabilities requiring assistance?
Wheelchair users pay the normal ticket price. If he/she needs assistance, their required accompanying person has free entrance.


Will I be able to access “Arena B/Second Arena” with a ticket of the “Main arena/Arena A”?
Yes. The entrance to Arena B is free of charge, and you do not need any ticket to enter. 

Do I have a seating place in Arena B/Second Arena, when I bought a ticket for the main arena “Main Arena/Arena A”?
There will be unnumbered seating in “Arena B/Second Arena”, you’re welcome to sit wherever available. 

When will both arenas open?
Both venues will open 60 minutes before the first match of the day starts.