Team Slovakia with a decisive win over team USA in the WFC 2021 playoffs. The final result was 20-0 to team Slovakia who now will face team Switerzland in the quarterfinals. 

Team Slovakia got off to a great start against team USA when they scored the opening goal after only 26 seconds. After that most of the first period was about team Slovakia,  but team USA also managed to create some dangerous opportunities and goalkeeper Jana Dupcakova had to make some amazing saves – including one with her foot high up in the air. 

The second and third period were both controlled by team Slovakia who created a lot of opportunities and scoring chances. After two periods the score was 10-0 to team Slovakia and the final result was 20-0 after an impressive display in the last period. 

– I think it was a really amazing game for us. It was exactly how I imagined and I really think that we played well today. And I really hope that we got ready for the game against Switzerland, said team Slovakias Lenka Cervena after the game. 

Even though team USA lost big the players weren’t that down after the game. 

– It was a tough game for us. We lost big but I’m still very proud of the team, we fought hard and kept our heads up and this was not a game we had to win. This was something to learn from. So, we’re like not happy but we’re okey. We fought as a team and we’re okey with that, said Marie Häggström from team USA after the game .

MVP for team Slovakia: Denisa Ferencikova

MVP for team USA: Kimberly Campbell

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