Sweden is looking for its eighth straight World Cup gold, but to get there you first need to beat Switzerland in a semi-final. Before the match, the Swedish team are big favorites, and they immediately showed why.

Two minutes into the first period, Amanda Delgado Johansson came free, after which she was obstructed by her club-teammate Tanja Stella and a penalty-shot was awarded. Moa Gustafsson was the one who took the penalty shot, however, the Swiss keeper saved it. The first goal would instead come after ten minutes, through Moa Gustafsson. Before the last period would end, Sweden was able to extend the lead three more times, to 4-0.

– Before the match, we talked about playing tight against Sweden and not letting them play around us, but unfortunately, we were not so lucky on that front, Corin Ruttiman says after the final signal.

The start of the second period was a nightmare for the Swiss team. After 2.28, Sweden had scored two goals in the period. At a 7-0 disadvantage, Switzerland got a chance to work their way into the match via a penalty, but Matilda Östlund Visén in the Swedish goal did not intend to let any ball pass her. It was instead Sweden who steamed on, with three new goals they led 10-0 before the third period.

The third period was, as you might think, a Sweden that slowed down a bit and a tired Switzerland. Switzerland, however, would not leave the match without scoring, three minutes into the period Isabelle Gerig scored Switzerland’s only goal. Sweden was able to score four more goals in the final period which gave a final result Sweden 14 and Switzerland 1.

Sweden now goes on to a final where they meet either Finland or the Czech Republic, this is how Wilma Johansson answers about playing the final. –

It will be a tough final and it will be special for me as it is my first, but it will be fun!

MVP Sweden: Ida Sundberg

MVP Switzerland: Flaurina Marti

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