Group final and a boiling IFU Arena were on the menu when Sweden was to face Finland. Two wins each and the first place was to play for. – The arena is really awesome and the audience is really loud, it is so cool, said Swedish goalscorer Ellen Backstedt on how the championship has been so far. 

The first period would go Sweden’s way. After 4.29, Sweden took the lead through Ellen Backstedt, and just 34 seconds later, Moa Gustafsson extended the lead to 0-2. The period would see another goal, also this from Sweden, 0-3 when the first period was over.

– Sweden was better in the first period, but we get better and better each period, but this it was the first period that counted, said Finnish player Laura Rantanen after the final whistle.

In the second period, Sweden opened strongly again, after 3 minutes came both 0-4 and 0-5. Finland was pushed back and did not create many chances. Finland would reduce in a powerplay, but before that Sweden could make the score 6-0 and 7-0. Before the last period started, the result was 1-7.

In the third period, the Finnish lions tried to fight their way into the match. They got a taste start, after 1.43 the first reduction came through Hanna Niemela, and with 12 minutes left of the game, they also made 3-7. But it did not help much, Sweden scored two more goals and thus closed the match to 3-9.

MVP Finland: Laura Rantanen

MVP Sweden: Amanda Delgado Johansson

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