Despite brilliant goalkeeping from Norway’s Thea Ekholt, it was the host Sweden that took the place in the semifinal. The reigning world champions won 13-0.

The first period was a siege from the Swedish side where the team created a lot of dangerous chances. However, the first period, and the best player of the whole match, was Norway’s goalkeeper Thea Ekholt. Ekholt made many highly qualified saves, but despite the goalkeeper’s great play, Sweden won the first period by three to zero.

In the second period, the Norwegian players got exhausted of their frantic defensive game and Sweden won the period 8-0. The most beautiful goal of the period was scored by Sandra Boric Svärd who scored her first goal in the tournament. The righthanded defender step forward and sent up a rock-hard wrist shot in the roof of the goal.

– It was a pass from Jonna Sjöberg and I just shot and scored. Haha, I felt happy, Boric Svärd says.

Like the two previous periods, Sweden continued to push forward in the third and won the period 2-0.

Norway’s incredible goalkeeper Thea Ekholt made a total of 49 (!) saves in the match. She talks about the team’s tactics before the meeting with Sweden.

– We talked about keepin it tight backwards and going on the counterattacks and that we had to be efficient. But unfortunately, we did ‘not scored any goals

The result means that Sweden advances to the semifinals. There, the team will meet the winner of the match Switzerland – Slovakia, which will be decided on Friday night. Norway on the other hand will face the loser in the same meeting for the chance to finish in 5th place.

MVP Sweden: Wilma Johansson

MVP Norway: Tone Einstulen

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