After the championship’s loudest match, Singapore is set to play for 13th place. The team defeated Thailand two goals against one.

Singapore also scored the first goal of the match. After seven minutes, Yun Shawn Yee made it 1-0 after a very nice passing play. Thailand controlled the match but despite several good chances, it was only one goal scored in the first period.

In the second period Thailand equalized, and the audience’s cheers were heard all the way from Sweden to Thailand. After a pass from the corner, Aliisa Syrjaenen made it 1-1 with a nice volley. Immediately after the goal, Singapore created a dangerous chance, but Tinna Siljamaki made an incredible save in Thailand’s goal.

The third period offered several high-class scoring chances. At the end of the period, Thailand got a golden opportunity to score when the team was awarded a powerplay with 42 seconds left of the period. Despite several good chances, the period ended 0-0, which meant overtime.

In overtime, Singapore only needed four minutes before Amanda Yeap won the game with a low shot that snuck through.

The result mean that Singapore will face Estonia in a match for 13th place while Thailand will face Italy in a match for 15th place.


MVP Thailand: Praphaphon Bunsuk

MVP Singapore: Tiffany Ong


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