A Nordic derby between Denmark and Norway would decide who finished seventh in the World Cups in 2021. The match would be a real thriller that went all the way to an extra-time where Norway finally won the match.

In the initial period, the game was even. None of the teams offered any direct chances as only 7 shots were fired between the two teams. No goals were scored this period, all even heading into the second. 

In the second period, it was Norway who would score the first goal of the match through Sofie Kristiansen. However, the Danes would respond before the period ended to 1-1, an equal result before the third.

In the third period, the match continued to be very even. Norway took the lead with eight minutes left through Kine Hedlund Eriksen. Denmark took out their goalkeeper and Klara Fjorder score the equalizer to 2-2 and it was extra time.

Three minutes into overtime, Sofie Kristiansen, who opened the scoring in today’s match, also had to close it. A pass by Tone Einstulen and a direct shot that luckily bounced of a Dane in front of the goal gave Norway the win and seventh place in the world championship.

-I actually do not remember much of the goal, but there was a lot of pressure on us to score in the overtime and win the match, says Sofie Kristiansen after scoring the deciding goal in overtime.

Denmark finishes eighth in this year’s WC, this is how Klara Fjorder tells about the match.

-We are of course disappointed as we really wanted the seventh place, it is a tough loss but I still think we played really well and it went to overtime, and there is 50/50 who wins.

MVP Denmark: Klara Fjords

MVP Norway: Sofie Kristiansen

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