On Friday morning, it was time to select teams 11 and 12 respectively in the tournament. The two teams that would settle for the placements were NFFR and the USA.

In the first period, the NFFR got a grip on the match directly. After the match had lasted for one minute, they made it 1-0. The USA, which only lined up with 12 players today, would have a long way to go if they wanted to win the match. When the first period was over, the NFFR led 6-0.

– We had some injuries, and some that needed to go home early, so today’s match was difficult and NFFR played very well, Lexie Carlino says after the match.

The second period would not be easier for the United States. They looked tired, the fifth match in five days and hardly any players today made the Americans exhausted. NFFR was able to extend the lead time and time again, and when the whistle sounded for the second period, they led 11-0.

In the third period, the NFFR continued to run away with the score. After 46 seconds, Mariia Kitaeva was able to score her sixth goal of the match and thirteenth in the entire tournament, which she leads shooting with. However, the United States would not leave the tournament without scoring in their last match. They got two balls past NFFR’s goalkeeper, to a final result of 2-17.

– I got some good passes and it was good goals, says Mariia about her six goals in the match.

MVP USA: Lexie Carlino

MVP NFFR: Kseniia Makkoveeva

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