In the first quarter-final of this championship, a strong Finland faced Poland. The favorites Finland would connect a quick grip in the match, after 90 seconds it was 3-0 on the board.

– We know that Poland is a good team and that we must play well. It was important that we played well when the match started, and that is why we were very good in the beginning, says Finland’s MVP Elli Kylmaluoma about the start of the game. 

After the initial 90 seconds, it was 3-0 to Finland. Poland took a timeout to try to stop the Finnish offensive. Unfortunately, the timeout did not have the effect that Poland had hoped for. Finland continued to push on and scored five more goals in the first period.

– Before the second period, we talked about changing our minds and playing in the way we know we can do and the second period was really good for us, says Poland’s best player Karolina Rozmus after the final signal.

In the second period, Poland came out much stronger than in the first. They did not create anything forward, but the defensive was in place and worked really hard. Despite Finland’s onslaught in the first period, they only got one ball in the second, 9-0 after two periods played.

In the third period, Poland became more and more tired and it was noticed at the end of the match. With 6 minutes left in the match, the result was 10-0, when the whistle finally rang, it was Finland 14 and Poland 0.

MVP Finland: Elli Kylmaluoma

MVP Poland: Karolina Rozmus.

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