Before the match for 13th place, there were all the prerequisites for it to be a thriller. In the previous meeting of the group stage, Estonia won by just one ball.

The first period showed two waiting teams when they knew each other a little. Both teams played good defense but it was Singapore who took the first step into the goal record. Angela Model made it 0-1 after 12.37, but Estonia would respond three minutes later to 1-1, a result that lasted the period.

The second period was a tight one. Apart from the two powerplays that Singapore had, not much happened. The period ended as it began, 1-1.

The third and what would be the last period became a real nail-biter. After 3.31, Nelli Alanko was able to make it 2-1 to Estonia. Singapore tried and tried but there were never any more goals in the match. Estonian goalkeeper Saskia Ormak saved everything that came her way. Estonia wins the match 2-1 and becomes the thirteenth best team in the championship.

– I am of course proud of the whole team, I got a good pass from Reti so it was an easy job for me, says match-winner Nelli Alanko about the decisive goal.

Singapore finishes the championship in 14th place, but Singapore’s MVP Shermaine Goh is happy with the team.

– It has been a good tournament for Singapore, we did our best and gave everything.

MVP Estonia: Saskia Ormak

MVP Singapore: Shermaine Goh

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