Ahead of the quarter-final between Denmark and the Czech Republic, the Czechs were favorites to win the match. But it would not be without a fight.

The first period became a very dense history. It was the Czechs who owned the ball for the most part and played around a tight Danish defense. In the eighth minute, Denmark advanced forward in the field and after a mess in front of goal, Sara Mainz Olsson was able to make it 1-0 to Denmark. The Czechs refused to give up, they pushed forward and could both reduce and take the lead, however, Denmark reduced to 2-2 before the period ended.

The second period would also be an even one. The Czechs took the lead, Denmark reduced. Then there was a bit of a leap from the Czech side, they scored two quick goals and took the lead with 5-3. Denmark came back once again to 5-4, the Czechs made 6-4. before Denmark ended the period at 6-5.

The third period offered only one goal, and it was to the Czech Republic that made it 7-5. Denmark tried to put in new gear, they took out the goalkeeper but the Czechs managed to keep Denmark out.

– We were close and did well, and I am very happy with my team and the energy in the team was so good, says Anna Kajsa Habersatter after the match.

The Czech Republic will now play a semi-final against Finland, the Czech Michaela Kubeckova says this about that match.

– I think we have to avoid the mistakes we made today and be more efficient when we shoot and it should go well.

Denmark will play a match against Poland where a winner will play for fifth/sixth place.

MVP Denmark: Anna Kajsa Habersatter

MVP Czech Republic: Michaela Kubeckova

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