In one year from today, 27th of November 2021, the premiere match of the World Floorball Championships will be played in Uppsala. Sweden’s women’s national team is chasing its eighth straight World Champion title.  

– I obviously believe in success, we have extremely strong players, says the head coach of the Swedish national team, Åsa Karlsson. 

 November 27th to December 5th, 2021, the World Floorball Championships will be played in IFU Arena in Uppsala. The last three finals (2015, 2017 and 2019) have been very tight and dramatic, ending in sudden death or with penalties.  

– Our ambition is to host the best world championship on the women’s side of all time. The women’s national team has superstars in the team who are strong profiles, and IFU Arena and Uppsala gives us great opportunities for a great event, says Stefan Jonasson, marketing and event manager at the Swedish Floorball Federation.  

It will be the first time since 2009 that Sweden hosts the World Championship on the women’s side. The qualifying for the World Championships are planned for the first weekend in February. As a host country, however, Sweden does not participate in the qualification 

IFU Arena, the District of Uppland and Uppsala Convention Bureau are looking forward to the championship, after a period where several events have been canceled or postponed due to Covid-19. 

– To be able to arrange a world championship will be a huge experience. Floorball is already big in Uppland and I am convinced that the World Championships will create positive rings on the water for the future as well. We will make sure to deliver in the same class as the women’s national team plays – at the very highest level, says Dan Back, chairman of the District of Uppland. 

– The importance of events has never been as obvious as now. As many as 80% of Swedes attend at least one major event per year and studies show that all of this year’s missed events have had a negative effect on the quality of life. We must dare to believe that the pandemic is under control before the World Championships and that event visitors will experience live sports on site. We expect to deliver a world-class World Championships together with IFU Arena and the District of Uppland. We will of course make sure the event is safe and secure for everyone, says Anna Lindström, Head of Meetings and Events at Uppsala Convention Bureau.  

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